Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Stressleupagus

The past two weeks we've been living in the House of Kennedy Zoo. A large, unwanted animal has been the main attraction: the stressleupagus. It hypnotizes us and pretends to be more important than other things, but actually it's just a stressleupagus. It divides my attention from Zane and vice versa. It's a menacing creature that's messing up our lives.
This is a rough-drawing. I made it in Paint, and I only have a touch-pad mouse, so it's hard to control lines. We try to ignore the stressleupagus in the room, but lately it's been commanding our attention. There are those times when we break free from its luring charms...

Like last night, when we unexpectedly had a free night due to a cancellation of plans. We ate fast food, watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and had fun just being together. I love that quality time!

The stressleupagus left us for an evening, but this creature's got ways of sneaking back into our perfectly happy lives. Be on the look-out and beware.
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