Thursday, August 21, 2014

Zephyr Park Family Day

Zane's last week of vacation was this week, so in between laying around and being productive, we took a family day to Zephyr Park in Zephyrhills.

First we did the splash pad, which is a super duper splash pad. I didn't get a picture of the whole thing this time, but I have one from last time we went: 

Zephyr Park Splash Pad at 5pm in May

When we went yesterday around 11:00am, there was only one other family, so we basically had it all to ourselves. I sat on a bench for about 10 minutes, and was SO HOT that I decided to put my bathing suit on and get in too. 

It's serioulsy like a free Wet-n-Wild for kids. Daisy, Zane and I had fun playing in the water. Then a bunch of older kids came (not sure why they weren't in school). One of them pointed to my belly and asked what it was. I laughed and said, "A baby! I'm having a baby!" Then she sprayed my ear with one of the water cannons, and I decided I didn't like those kids anymore. 

After the splash pad, we did the swings for a little bit. Then we found a nice, shady spot near the lake and had a picnic lunch. 

August is NOT the best month for picnic lunches, but it wasn't too bad. Daisy apparently has an intense fear of bugs, so we were constantly saving her from tiny ants and gnats. She stopped enjoying the swings because an ant found its way to her foot while she was swinging. The rest of the day, she kept worrying about every speck in the house that it was a bug. 

Overall, we had a great morning out! I look forward to these kind of outings during school hours when Zane's a nurse too, because that's one of the perks of a nursing schedule. 

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