Friday, June 26, 2009

The Daily Grind

...when dreams get shattered

Reality. Life is full of reality checks. I have dreams to go places, do things and meet people. In my head, they sound like wonderful fairy tale adventures.

Unfortunately, realism has compromised my dreams:

The dream location: Living in an exotic place. "Exotic" is relative. It's only exotic because I haven't been there yet. The exotic-ness will melt away then I arrive, get a job. I'll have to go to the grocery store and pay bills. I have to do regular life wherever I am. Location does not make regular life adventurous.

The dream house. Every house takes work. It's hard to buy a dream house that doesn't exist, then impossible to build a dream house with small funds. But, what exactly is my dream house? Front porch...but not in Florida or I'll never want to sit on it. I'll have to clean it all the time, because the rain will wash dirt on it...and...wait...when did cleaning enter my dream?

The dream career: writer, actress, producer, whatever. Reality strikes again. Every job has its deadlines and demands. I'll still get worn-out doing what I love. Jobs wear you out, but they're kinda necessary for life. They give you income and daily purpose.

The dream kids. Ha. Kids are not perfect, nor will they make life a wonderful dream. Don't get me wrong, I want them and all. When they come, reality will be more restricting. I won't want to travel to Australia and leave my babies behind. Nor will I want to take them with me.

The dream prince. Being married is fabulous (disclaimer). That magical prince who carries you off is really great. When you see him every day, there's little mystery left behind his crooked smile. You know his flaws; he knows yours. It's a different kind of nice, but it's definitely not the pre-married dream that most girls have. It's a reality that you have to make into your dream life.

Bingo. You have to make reality your dream life.

There's nothing in this world that will make me happy unless I choose to be happy. I'll only be filled with disappointment when Austrailia turns out to be another place where people do regular life too. They just talk differently.

I still want all of the above.
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